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Hold out your hand cos friends will be friends right till the end.
-Freddie Mercury

"Just drive the car please" [Aziraphale] said wearily

— That’s it. That’s the book. (via andsoicalledherocean)


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Good Omens

have some crowleys too bc i kept staring really hard at sissel’s face like hmmm

I had nothing better to do but sketch Aziraphale as an owl(he was miracled that way and seems to be unable to return to a human form for whatever reason) and Crowley being the consoling bastard that he is.

Been feeling a bit Good Omens-y recently.

An old sketch from last year I promised to finished. Actually this (as the sketch) was the first Good Omens art I ever posted. Oh nostalgia.

days when I get mail are the best

especially if it is stuff that I’ve been waiting for and been excited over. so when this greets me after getting the mail


(address properly smudged out, haha!) THIS makes me incredibly happy! I ordered some prints from THE AMAZING SEPHERENE (check her out if you know what is good for you!) and they are so awesome it deserves some keyboard smashing


I mean, JUST LOOK!


tumblr is so full of amazing people (and I am happy to have been able to befriend some of these AMAZING people (no names because then I am bound to forget someone, but UUUUUUUGH YOU GUYS. ARE. AMAZING!)), so once in a while, spend on stuff.

…so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~ day made after some shitty weeks, mmm… Crowley~ Azirahale~ precioussssssss

okay, now, I am going to attempt doing something productive. soon. I just… need to look at my stuff a little more.


“The point is,” said Crowley, “the point is. The point is.” He tried to focus on Aziraphale.
“The point is,” he said, and tried to think of a point.
“The point I’m trying to make,” he said, brightening, “is the dolphins. That’s my point.”
“Kind of fish,” said Aziraphale.

I kind of want to make an animated version with bubbles popping up, but uh…yes.
I hope you all enjoy. It’s some isometric homework I did for my perspective class. I plan to secretly make all my assignments fanart of some kind. HEH.

There was a reference going around on how to draw short shorts daisy dukes, so I used a willing participant as my subject A.Subject B was less pleased with his modelling job.