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How are you feeling today 2? by Firnheledien

Jeep ;w;

So many feels! ç_ç

The entirety of Saiyuki. Right there.
(Source: Saiyuki manga, Vol. 1)
Artist: Saiyuki Mini Drama CD - Wishes!!
Track Name: ""Sanzo’s not the worst. This guy wanted youth and beauty!""
Played: 169 times

The friggin’ cold at night keeps throwing me. I wake up freezing then boom — by noon you can fry an egg on my ass.

— Sha Gojyo. (via lepetiterik)


On Vacation with the Saiyuki Boys  ^.^v. This image is too awesome not to share, so what better kickass way to start vacation than getting my T-shirt today. But the best part : it FITS DAMMIT! It fits! I didn’t know what to expect from Japanese sizes since compared to US plus sizes well..
^_^ whatever. GO WEST!
Edit: This image makes for a real nice wallpaper