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an AU where tokyopop never went under and I have all volumes of saiyuki reload, gaiden, ibun, and reload blast translated and in my possession

Gojyo and Hakkai’s stories ended up together, but I had planned to draw them separately. I was going to draw the same story twice, once from Gojyo’s point of view, and once from Hakkai’s. But then I realized that these two together are like the moon and the night, front and back, and made the stories into one. That way there’s no discrimination (laughs). After recording the Burial arc drama CD, during their free talk Gojyo’s actor Hirata-san and Hakkai’s actor Ishida-san said “How come ours were the only stories combined?” “We two probably go together as a set.” That sounded like something Gojyo and Hakkai would really say, and without thinking my chest got tight. Although that was probably just me (laughs).

- Minekura Kazuya (via whitewings9)

OTP! OTP everywhere! *_*

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All aboard the Hakkai love train~

time to take a handful of pills and face the day.

Saiyuki Reload Blast, Kouten 6




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