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Mother. Please. I would greatly appreciate it if you would talk to me as if I were my own person and not… a whole frakking fleet of your children. It’s YOU (single person) and not YOU (multiple persons) when you mean me. I am not me and my sister, I am just me.

Thank you.

going through my bookmarks




I betrayed my dog today. Because I accidently knocked over a big glass of water over him.

I am ready to rip my throat out and sell it for a pack of condoms, so I can fill them up with water and pretend that they are worms (just like I did when I was a kid).

anyone offering? black ones are prefered, I think.

omg. my throat. what resides inside you? itchy little demons? fuckers… and my nose, ahhahaaa…. chafed like a wanked beyond belief dick. and the INSIDES of my nose. let’s not begin to talk about that. ALSO. yellow snot.

What keeps going and going but doesn’t reach the end?

Answer: Mio when playing Yume Nikki

Been travelling for about 31+ hours (car ride to Manila, waiting for boarding, flight for 90 minutes + 13 hours +  2 hours, waiting, train for 2 hours and then last car ride home), and now I am finally back in Sweden.

So tired. So very, very tired. But can’t sleep yet, jet lag and all that.


Do you ever feel like you’re just someone else’s secondhand friend? That you’re less important to them than you thought and than they led on and they only talk to you when you’re convenient for them?

I really, really want to cosplay professor Layton. Or Luke. Or both.

…and why am I getting obsessed about smurfs? Again. (okay, admittedly, the first time was when I was 7 years old and I was crushing hard on Handy and Vanity smurf, but it is still bad. they are tiny and blue and annoying.)

Wait. It’s January the 2nd today.


I’ll be turning a quarter of a century in… Uh… The 4th. Need to get myself a present lolololol… Oh wait, already got one. Two… Three!

Christmas is over… I think. I hope it is. There was too many people, too loud noises and absolutely none of the people I actually would have wanted to spend some time with.

…it was being awkward, unsocial and the Grinch. There was cake tho, I suppose. And now I have a cold (well, almost anyway), still ain’t no gorgeous people around to brighten up.

…and it’s just the 25th. And my aunt (that is also the one aunt living in Sweden) are seriously driving me insane, like WHOA! Lady. You can have no say over me, if I don’t want to go caroling and dance Gangnam Style outside of peoples houses… I won’t. Really. GTFO. Don’t ruin absolutely everything by just the sound of your voice.

I am having these EXTREME urges to make covers. I want to play “Being a singer”. SO BAD.

…but I’m in the Philippines. And I’ve eaten Skittles for the very first time in my life.

Note to self about what songs I am thinking about singing.

  • Candy Candy
  • Matryoshka
  • Fukkiretta
  • Ponponpon
  • Dango daikazoku

Yeah. Those. So far. And maybe something English. We’ll see.